Mori Lee does Berta Bridal on a Budget

Berta Bridal


Are you loving Berta Bridal dresses but haven’t got the €6,000 plus budget? Don’t worry Mori Lee have you covered.


The above photo popped up on my Facebook page over a year ago and I was instantly in love. It would seem I wasn’t alone, the photo quickly went viral and everyone was dying to find out who the designer was, where they could get the dress and how much it was. So ladies for those of you who may not know, I’m guessing you are few and far between, this is Berta Bridal and it is on the tip of every fashionista and style conscious brides tongue. The collections are exquisite, the fabrics are beautiful and the dresses are phenomenal, the only problem… the price. Retailing from €6,000 and up they may be loved by the masses but they just are not accessible to the majority of the brides to be that are lusting after them.


Well ladies don’t fret, if you have fallen for these dresses like I have and like me could only dream of having €6,000 to spend on a dress Mori Lee have come to your rescue. Mori Lee is an american design house who are known and loved for their amazing dresses at equally amazing prices. Mori Lee’s new collection which is due to hit shops between now and January boasts some exquisite dresses which are strikingly similar to Berta Bridal, and the best part, you can expect to pay €1,500 or less for these beautiful dresses. So without further ado… here are my top picks from Mori Lee’s new collection to give you the Berta Bridal look on a budget!!


Mori Lee 5301


Mori Lee 5306


Mori Lee 2706


Another popular Berta Bridal style which Mori Lee have emulated is this fabulous 2 strap lace gown.




Mori Lees designs are equally striking.


Mori Lee 5312


Mori Lee 2704



You can check out all of Mori Lee’s dresses at

There you go ladies! Happy Shopping!!


Feel free to leave any questions in the comments.


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