A Quick Guide To Bridal Underwear



A quick guide to bridal underwear, what to wear under your wedding dress.


On your wedding day what you wear under your wedding dress is just as important as the dress itself, and I’m not talking about the big reveal to your husband on your wedding night. The wrong underwear can leave a bride blushing for all the wrong reasons, visible panty lines, lumps, bumps and rogue bra straps can all completely ruin your look. To help you lay the foundations for a flawless bridal look here is my guide to bridal underwear.


1. Don’t invest in undergarments before your first dress fitting. Use it as an opportunity to discuss how the dress fits you with your tailor. You will learn a lot more about what your needs are when you see how the dress fits your body and what alterations have to be made.


2. Check if you need a bra. Some dresses offer enough shape and structure that you may not need one. If you do want more support discuss with your tailor if it is possible to sew cups, a bra or a corset into your dress. This can help with tricky necklines, low backs, strapless dresses, lace and illusion backs and straps.


3. Make an appointment with a lingerie store for a fitting. Bring images of your dress to the fitting so you can discuss with your fitter what your bra needs to achieve and which type of bra will be most suitable, for example if you need some extra padding, if you need a seemless bra or if you can go for lace.


4. If you have opted for a bra and notice you start to loose some weight before your big day, go back to the lingerie shop and get refitted. An ill fitting bra is never your friend particularly on your wedding day.


5. When it comes to undergarments what you wear on your derriere is very much dependant on the style of your dress. For this purpose I have three categories, shapewear, seamless and classic panties.


6. Shapewear. Yes ladies a lot of brides do wear Spanx or similar shapewear. If your dress highlights parts of your body like for example a fishtail style dress you will more than likely need some. The key to shape wear is making sure it fits perfectly, otherwise you can end up with some unsightly bulges where the shapewear ends and you are being cut off. Highwaisted is always reliable as it creates a seamless look through the bodice, it’s also great for satin dresses as it covers the belly button which can sometimes leave a strange indent in the dress. Nude biker shorts are the go to shape wear, but don’t feel like its your only choice, dicuss it with your fitter and if in doubt a full slip can be a great and sexier solution.


7. Seamless. Slim fitting dresses, sheath dresses and dresses with a thin layer of fabric call for seamless undergarments that ly flat and smooth on your body, afterall theres nothing worse than a visible panty line. A high rise seamless nude thong is your go to but once again don’t feel limited, fabric technology has come a long way and often a seamless lace thong will also do the trick, ask your fitter for alternatives.


8. Classic panties. If your dress is a fuller princess or A-line style you can go all out! With no worries of visible lines. seams or bulges you are free to express yourself and wear something that makes you feel amazing! You can wear your favorite brazilian lace knickers or  try something racy like a garter belt and stockings. Have a little fun and make sure you feel great!


9. If your worried that all of these practical underwear solutions aren’t what you wanted to surprise your lucky groom with on your wedding night just pack your sexy ensemble and slip into it as soon as you retire to your room. He need never know about your Bridget Jones’.


Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave them below in the comments. Thanks for reading.

By Zita Kelly

Writer, stylist and blogger at ZeeRailed

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