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Brooch Bouquets. Have you considered them? If you want something a little different for your wedding bouquets, maybe you don’t like fresh flowers, you’d like something that would last a little longer, that you can have for a keepsake? If your wedding is a vintage theme or even a modern theme and you want a bit more sparkle a brooch bouquet could be perfect for you. The whole idea intrigued me so I got talking to sisters Jess and Jen Fagan from All Things Couture to find out a little more.




The sisters have been making bespoke wedding bouquets for less than a year. Jen was in the cake industry and noticed a gap in the market so decided to establish All Things Couture with her sister and offer the bespoke wedding bouquet service along with her bespoke wedding cakes. Both sisters are extremely creative and have had great success with their new venture.


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Brooch bouquets or bespoke bouquets aren’t just made from brooches. Jess and Jen have used lots of different materials in their bouquets from brooches, buttons, feathers, diamonds, lace, pearls, foam flowers and satin handmade flowers to photos of lost loved ones and heirloom pieces of jewelry to make it more meaningful and personal to the bride and groom.




So heres Jess and Jen’s advice on when to start looking at options for your bouquet, what to consider when choosing one and how to find the right designer for you.


  • Six months before your wedding is the latest the sisters would recommend looking at options for your bouquets. Your designer will need to source pieces and products for your bouquet so making enquiries sooner rather than later is the best idea.


  • When it comes to considering what to incorporate into your bouquet there are several things to take into account, for example your wedding theme, wedding colors, your venue, the time of year and how personal you want your arrangements to be.




  • When choosing your designer the sisters say its very important that you like tham as a person. Make sure your designer is on the same page as you when it comes to talking about your arrangements, that they are full of ideas and can help you think outside the box by bouncing around lots of ideas, these are the signs of a passionate creative person and thats what you need!


  • Have a good look through the designers portfolio and make sure that you love their work. Their previous work should intrigue and inspire you and make you want to see more. If its a case that you don’t like their past work then you probably won’t like their future work.




  • When selecting your designer, you don’t want to push the boat out too much so stick to your budget! The sisters say that most designers should be able to accommodate you by finding cheaper alternatives or tweeking the designs, and if they can’t, keep searching. At the end of the day, its you that needs to be happy!


  • You can never ask too many questions. Better to speak now than be unsure and end up with a result that you aren’t 100% happy with. Discuss all different possibilities with your designer and stroke them off one by one until you find an arrangement that you are happy with.


  • Finally, they say enjoy your experience. Have fun looking around and picking your designer. After you’ve asked all of the questions and discussed all the details relax and let the designer do the rest! When they are ready try the bouquets out, hold them in your hands, take pictures, bring your bridesmaids, your Mam, your best friend, and enjoy being the centre of attention!




I hope thats given you some alternative ideas to your traditional bouquet. All the images are coutesy of All Things Couture. You can find more examples of Jess and Jens work here on All Things Couture. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Written by Zita Kelly

Writer and stylist at ZeeRailed

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