21 of January - 19 of February aquarius

Aquarius forecast for Saturday March 25, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: With your ruler, Uranus, linking with Venus, you need to expect the unexpected this week. Now I know this advice might seem illogical. After all, if you expect the unexpected, you could argue that when it happens it's not unexpected! Yet if you've got an eye out for unanticipated developments you're more likely to be in a position to appreciate them. You're good at dealing with surprises. If anyone's able to adapt, it's you. So enjoy. There's a real chance you'll end this week in a much happier space than you dare imagine.

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March 24, 2023

Why is it that good deeds are so easily forgotten or overlooked, while mistakes are remembered? Maybe it's because we find it easier to be harsh on ourselves rather than be kind. When we practise this behaviour, we give other people permission to do the same. And the pattern continues and spreads. This weekend, it's time to banish negative thoughts about the situation you're dealing with. If you're optimistic, you'll encourage others to change their views. And when positive minds get together, there's no telling what can be achieved.

March 23, 2023

We all know that when we smile, the world smiles with us. At least, that's what's supposed to happen. And we all understand the logic behind the idea. If I smile at the person in the supermarket queue, they'll smile at someone else... and so on. So why am I mentioning it in your forecast today? Because, as transformative Pluto moves into your sign, you're in a powerful position to affect the moods and feelings of the people around you. If you smile as much, and as sincerely as possible, you'll be amazed at the results.

March 22, 2023

We've all got our likes and dislikes. We've all got foods we can't stand and songs we can't bear to hear. Are you right to like what you like? Are other people wrong to like what you dislike? Our tastes are personal. You're under pressure to be enthusiastic about a plan you don't believe in. Just like you wouldn't rush to get to a restaurant that serves food you don't enjoy, you're not obliged to explore an option that doesn't appeal to you. The March of Destiny encourages you to make a choice guided by your true preference.

Celebrity Aquarius

Princess Mary of Denmark 5 February 1972

March 21, 2023

Life isn't always sweetness and light. Well... maybe it is - it's just that we just struggle to see the sweetness and lightness when we're so aware of the hardship, stress and strife that surrounds us. The issue is that when we focus on difficulties, we add to the negativity. And that makes it harder for everyone to appreciate life's sweetness. And the cycle continues. The March of Destiny suggests that something has the potential to be truly delightful. Don't be too consumed by what you feel 'obliged' to do that you let it pass you by.

March 20, 2023

A boundary needs to be established. And you've got the confidence to do it. Let's all be grateful that we've got people like you, who can make difficult choices and act on them. So... why are you hesitating? Could it be that you sense that someone deserves to be given a second chance? Don't bow to pressure to perform today. If you're prepared to wait, you can convince others to wait too. It might just be that this situation has a twist to it. And your insight and patience could be key to finding another, better way to proceed.

March 19, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: If you're one of the millions of people (like me) who watch cute or funny animal videos on social media, it's worth remembering that we humans are part of the animal kingdom too. We have our funny habits and our idiosyncrasies. We're driven by the 'fight or flight' response. And we adjust our 'plumage' and make ourselves as attractive as possible when we're trying to attract someone's attention! It's not egotistical to be proud of what makes you unique. This Equinox/NewMoon week, show yourself at your best. That will be truly attractive.

March 18, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: Theme parks might offer thrills that smaller local fairs can't offer, but there's still a thrill of excitement when the carousel and the candyfloss arrive in the neighbourhood. Aquarians are particularly good at Whack-a-Mole (one of my favourite fairground challenges). With your innovative mind, you're able to deal with any problems that pop up with speed and dexterity. The Equinox heightens your reflexes and enhances your intuition. You're ability to deal with any issues will ensure you've got plenty of time left over for some fun.