22 of May – 22 of June gemini

Gemini forecast for Saturday March 25, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: The movie classic The Wizard of Oz starts in black and white and changes to glorious Technicolor when Dorothy is transported to the magical world of Oz. Although you can't expect to experience such a vivid change of scenery, as Mars leaves your sign and joins the March of Destiny, you can anticipate a dramatic psychological transformation. The winds of change are blowing you in a favourable direction. Something you thought of as grey and dull is about to reveal a depth of colour. A magical adventure awaits. Click those heels!

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March 24, 2023

You wouldn't hobble around with a stone in your shoe all day. You'd be constantly trying to shift it around inside your sock so that it moved to a place where it didn't bother you. Or you'd have to change the way you walk so that you avoided the pain. If you managed to get it between your toes, you might be able to forget about it. With Mars leaving your sign, no matter the rush, irrespective of how busy you are, you can remove a metaphorical stone from your shoe. Taking time to sort out a minor issue is investing in your future.

March 23, 2023

The problem with the phrase 'the devil is in the detail' is that we know it so well we don't take its message on board. There's wisdom in these words. We get so distracted by the nitty-gritty of situations that we easily lose sight of the bigger picture. And our ability to enjoy ourselves diminishes. It's time for you to zoom back out and take a look at where you stand. You've come further than you realise and, while that's undoubtedly good news, choosing the right, next path is important. Fresh perspective will help you choose well.

March 22, 2023

You can't stop focusing on something (or someone). It's as if you've been mesmerised. Or have fallen under a spell which is drawing your attention in a very specific direction. In Greek mythology, anyone who gazed into the eyes of Medusa was turned to stone. But you don't have to look at what you're feeling so compelled to focus on. The March of Destiny is encouraging you in a different direction. If you turn your attention elsewhere you'll realise why a certain image is less appealing than you imagine. You can move on.

Celebrity Gemini

Angelina Jolie 4 June 1975

March 21, 2023

Today isn't the day for pie-in-the-sky dreams or outlandish hopes. Instead, think more modestly. Close your eyes and conjure up an image of how you wish your life could be. Then carefully and objectively compare it with your present. Where are the glaring differences? And where are the less obvious ones? Once you've identified these you've got a roadmap with which you can chart your course towards implementing real change. Under this powerful cosmic climate, once you start moving, improvements will come thick and fast.

March 20, 2023

A skilful thief has the tools and the know-how to break into a house, take something precious, and disappear leaving no sign of a forced entry. No broken windows. They just remove the pane of glass and then put it back when they go. Meanwhile, the occupant assumes they've just misplaced their valuable item. An unskilled thief, on the other hand, will leave a mess behind. To be clear, there's no suggestion that you're going to be the victim of anything today. Just be certain that you're not jumping to the wrong conclusion.

March 19, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: There are few easier ways to communicate an emotion than connecting with a smile. This simple gesture can be a message of support, an acknowledgement of appreciation, even a tease, or an invitation to intimacy. This Equinox week will be packed with opportunities to express your joy and passion. And the New Moon brings opportunities to step out of your comfort zone. As feelings of self-consciousness disappear, you'll have much to smile about. Sharing your passion costs nothing - and could be an investment you'll appreciate long into the future.

March 18, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: Sometimes we need to be bold and question the attitude of the people around us. Since you doubt the wisdom of someone's plan, you need to voice your concerns. If you hear a good reason to accept what's being proposed, you'll be able to dismiss your reservations. If not? You'll know your suspicions are appropriate. People tend to be defensive when they're bluffing. Even if you get a strong reaction you won't make things worse. You know the right thing has to happen. By being brave this Equinox week, you'll ensure it does.