24 of August - 23 of September virgo

Virgo forecast for Saturday March 25, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: Imagine you've been studying the piano and have reached such proficiency that you're playing in an orchestra. One day, to entertain some kids, you improvise a few nursery rhymes. They enjoy them so much that the word spreads, and you suddenly find yourself in demand as a children's entertainer. It's infuriating, because it's not the goal you had in mind. Yet there's no doubt that you're a huge success. This week, if you enjoy what unfolds (rather than thinking about what 'should' be happening) you'll triumph.

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March 24, 2023

It's easy to tell when people are talking: their mouths move. It's easy to tell when they're walking: it's all about the legs. But how do we know if they're listening? Body language is so confusing. People look like they're paying attention when they're not. And sometimes they appear to be telling the truth, but they're not. This weekend, since you've got to try to gauge different people's moods, it would help if they had screens on their foreheads that revealed their thoughts! Yet with your radar so highly tuned, you can trust your intuition.

March 23, 2023

The concept of having a 'stiff upper lip' goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. The Spartans were admired for their self-discipline and stoicism, and the traits they displayed are still valued today. We're taught that displaying emotions is a sign of weakness. Even people who wear their hearts on their sleeves find it easier to talk about some delicate matters than others. As a Virgo, your finely-tuned antennae can pick up distress that other folk miss. Be extra sensitive today. You can get to the heart of an important issue.

March 22, 2023

They say that a life without controversy is a life half lived. And while I wouldn't recommend doing anything totally outlandish today, sometimes it's good to ruffle a few feathers. You're questioning an agreement that has outlived its original purpose. You've been contemplating making a change for some time. And the timing feels right. Just take a moment to check your motives. And trust that the best person to know what's right for you is you. Your actions might raise an eyebrow or two. But you need to do what you need to do.

Celebrity Virgo

Beyoncé Knowles 4 September 1981

March 21, 2023

So you'd like to know what's going to happen next. And I daresay you're hoping I'll tell you. That's my job. Yet I feel obliged to remind you of your ability to influence your future. While the planets encourage us to follow certain directions, they don't force us to do anything. So, even though the March of Destiny is doing its best to propel you in a positive direction at a surprising pace, you don't have to oblige. Yet if you let go of your preconceptions about what lies ahead, and go with the flow, I suspect you'll very much enjoy the ride.

March 20, 2023

If we don't want challenging things to happen what can we do? We can wrap ourselves in cotton wool. Or lock ourselves into our homes, draw the curtains and refuse to go out. But even these extreme measures don't work. We can't guard against every possibility. And trying only results in a sterile, stressful, unfulfilled life. No. The best we can do is to take sensible precautions and then carry on with our lives. While you can't expect universal protection today, the Equinox brings the support you need, exactly when you need it.

March 19, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Wherever you go, whatever you do there are regulations to follow. Rules of the road. Health and safety regulations. Plus a whole range of unwritten rules about interpersonal behaviour. These have evolved to protect us, and bring order in the chaos of life. You don't usually have a problem abiding by them; with your fine mind and creativity you can make them work in your favour. But sometimes (and this is one of those times) you need to break a rule or two. Risk-taking is rarely high on your agenda, but this week, done thoughtfully, it will pay off.

March 18, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: With a delicate touch we can cause as much destruction as we can with a hefty thwack. A burst bubble is a burst bubble (irrespective of whether it's pricked with a pin or pierced with a pickaxe). A bubble has to burst this Equinox week. If you don't do anything, it will burst by itself. And, if you prefer, you can wait for this to happen. But, since you have interests you want to protect, it's worth taking action. It will give you control over when the bubble bursts. And that will give you a significant advantage. And power over what happens next.